Welcome to the online registration site for the Maratona Clube de Portugal events!

How can I register?

 1. Select the type of inscription - individual or group (if it is a group inscription you should define the group name)

2. Fill out the form with all the requested data - It is very important that you fill out the email field correctly as it will be at this address that you will receive all the information to complete your registration

3. Select the test you want to participate in (if you have been given an Enrollment Code you must enter it in the corresponding field, otherwise click next.)

4. On the next page, you must confirm the email address where you would like instructions to complete your application.

5. After clicking Finish you will receive an email to confirm that your email address is correct. Click on the link so you can confirm.

6. After this confirmation you will receive in your email box all the data so that you can make the payment and finalize the application process. You have 48 hours to make the payment, otherwise your registration will be deleted.

7. After confirmation of payment, you will receive, until one week before the date of the event, an email confirming your registration in the chosen competition.

Good running!


Your address may have been incorrectly entered at the time of registration. Please re-register to validate your application.
The confirmation link is valid for two days, after which the registration is deleted. To validate your registration you must register again.
If you have filled your billing information, you will receive the invoice in your email account. We will send this information before the race day.